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Creative Ideas

Welcome to the Ibibio Academics RoundTable. This site brings both indigenes and friends together. It is a site where you can share resources and also get resources.

Our Values


We pledge to stand by our integrity, competence and hard work. we will live p to your expectations

Dr. Eshiet - administrator

Hello!  Welcome to Ibibio Academic Round Table.You're welcome to look around the forums and view Topics and posts.  However, like most online communities you must register before you can create your own Topic and posts. 

This is a simple, free process that requires minimal information. Benefits of membership:

    Participate in discussions
    Subscribe to topics and forums to get automatic updates
    Search forums
We called it Academic Forum not to make it exclusionary to academics but rather to indicate that it is a forum for Academics issues related to instruction and research initiatives. We also act as a sounding board for research ideas that professionals would like to pursue and potentially create collaborations amongst them.