I need help responding to the 4 PowerPoint presentations and the questions asked by my coursemates i

I need help responding to the 4 PowerPoint presentations and the questions asked by my coursemates in about 300 words for each presentation, and kindly provide references. Please see the details in the attachment.

DNP-803-Leadership in Organizations and Systems

Module 5 DQ

I need the response to the questions asked by course mates below in their PowerPoint Presentations in 225 words for each presentation. Please use additional outside resources to support the response.


Ingrid LaRrett & Mikal Salew (
Please see the PowerPoint Presentation ATTACHED)

Book Project by Ingrid LaRrett and Mikal Salew- Module 5


DB Questions:

1. What is the difference between management and leadership? Based on the information provided about the book, what key concepts can you incorporate into your performance as a leader?
2. What are the most effective traits, skills, and behaviors of an effective leader? Please share how you would help your organization grow as a leader.

Nkengafac Etchi & Phyllis Eggleston

Please see the PowerPoint Presentation ATTACHED)

Book Project by Nkengafac Etchi & Phyllis Eggleston


Discussion Questions:

1. As an authentic leader, what strategies would you employ to foster a culture of transparency, truth, and trust within your organization?
2. How would this positively impact the overall success and morale of your team or the organization?

Joy Oche & Marla Schwarz

Please see the PowerPoint Presentation ATTACHED)

Project Presentation by Joy Oche & Marla Schwarz

The Four Tendencies
 by Gretchen Rubin (2017)


Discussion Questions:

1. What is your personality tendency? How can you apply your tendency within your healthcare organization or as a leader?
2. Consider your tendency in relation to our self-care tasks in this course.  What steps can you take to help form the task as a habit? 

Brandi Ritchie & Diana Ratemo

??The Art of Authenticity: Tools to become an authentic leader and your best self ”
Nkengafac Etchi & Phyllis Eggleston
Northern Kentucky University
DNP 803
Dr. Zajac Lynne
September 18, 2023


The Art of Authenticity” is a book authored by Karissa Thacker that details steps to becoming a genuine and effective leader by achieving your best self.

This book offers expert guidance, drawing upon scientifically proven psychological research and applies principles to real-world business scenarios.

The goal of this book is to acquire skills to effectively lead your team by practicing self-reflection, decisive actions, and conscious choices.

Author Bio
Karissa Thacker

Creator of ??The Art of Authenticity?, a groundbreaking guidebook used in finding your true authentic leader within.
Highly regarded as a management psychologist.
Adjunct faculty at the Lerner School of Business at the University of Delaware.
CEO of Strategic Performance Solutions , Inc., which specializes in management consulting.
Provided consultation services to numerous Fortune 50 companies, including UPS, Best Buy , and AT&T.

Key points of the book

Introduction – How to become a more authentic leader
?¢ Selves Awareness – Major behaviors of authentic leadership
?¢ Act Naturally – The process for discovering your signature contributions
?¢ Balancing Act – How and when to use balanced processing
?¢ Total Transparency – Tips for understanding truth and leadership
?¢ Authenticity GPS – Three rules to encourage relational transparency
?¢ Psychological Guardrails – Steps to develop virtue and character

What is the Art of Authenticity ?

Becoming a better leader by achieving your best self.
Presenting the most appropriate side of yourself.
Recognizing self-awareness, unbiased processing , appropriate transparency , and concordance between behavior and values.
A depth of understanding about your environment.

How to become a more authentic leader

Become authentic in way that benefits your values

Show loyalty, honesty, ethnics, and consideration

Make conscious choices instead of blind reactions


Selves Awareness

What are my strengths?

How do I work best?

What are my values?<

Book Presentation
That??s Not How We Do It Here!
A Story About How Organizations Rise and Fall-and Can Rise Again.
John Kotter & Holger Rathgeber
By: Ingrid LaRrett & Mikal Salew
College of Health and Human Services-School of Nursing, Northern Kentucky University
DNP 803: Leadership in Organizations and Systems
Lynne Zajac, PhD, RN
September 14th, 2023


??That??s Not How We Do It Here!” is an inspiring book that explores the complexities of organizational dynamics, evolution, and the potential for transformation and revival.

The book introduces two distinct meerkat clans that employ contrasting approaches: one emphasizes leadership, and the other focuses on management.

In the book, leadership is depicted as primarily concerned with establishing direction and creating strategies.

On the other hand, management excels at consistently and efficiently accomplishing routine tasks to a high standard.

The book provides valuable perspectives on the obstacles organizations encounter, their resistance to change, and the crucial approaches needed for recovery.

Book Authors

John Kotter
Professor emeritus at Harvard Business School
Called the World??s foremost authority on leadership and change
Founder of Kotter International, a consulting firm specializing in assisting leaders in organizational transformation
Holger Rathgeber
Former executive at medical products firm
Principal at Kotter International

Book Summary

In the Kalahari region of Southern Africa, Kotter and Rathgeber introduce us to two distinct meerkat clans with contrasting approaches: one rooted in traditional management practices, the other in forward-thinking leadership.

Facing the harsh reality of a severe drought and the relentless threat of deadly vultures, the clan’s resources have been significantly depleted.

Book Summary

When the first clan’s executive team finds itself in heated disputes over potential solutions, and suggestions from frontline workers are met with discouraging responses like, “That’s not how we do it here!??

Amidst this turmoil, Nadia, a remarkable and adventurous meerkat, embarks on a journey in search of innovative ideas to rescue her struggling clan.

During her quest, Nadia stumbles upon a smaller group that operates with a strikingly different approach, emphasizing teamwork and adaptability.

Inspired by her findings, Nadia goes back to her clan and ingeniously combines the strengths of both clans, fostering growth, innovation, and day-to-day efficiency for her clan, paving the way for a brig

??Stick? Together
Created by Brandi Ritchie MSN, RN, CPEN, NPD-BC
Presented by Diana Ratemo PMHNP-BC, RN, BSN
DNP 803: Leadership in Organizations and Systems
Northern Kentucky University


Stick Together: A Simple Lesson to Build a Stronger Team.
~Gordon & Leavell (2021)
Application to Healthcare

Leadership Concepts

The book we chose is ??Stick Together: A Simple Lesson to Build a Stronger Team? by Gordon and Leavell, published in 2021. This was truly a great book about forming a strong team and unity as strength.



The Unbreakable Stick

(Gordon & Leavell, 2021)

One of the first concepts introduced in the book is the unbreakable stick. A single stick can be snapped in half easily. How does one make the stick unbreakable? This is the question posed by a basketball coach to his failing team at the beginning of the season in this book. Each stick represents a team member and is related to a concept that is important to the foundation of a great team. The coach hands these sticks out at the first practice and attaches a word to each. Then he poses a question and task for each team member. Find a way to make the stick unbreakable and research the word on the stick. Report back with your research and tell us how this helps to bring a team together. The players set out to answer the question and complete their tasks.


(Gordon & Leavell, 2021)

The seven words on the sticks were believe, ownership, connection, love, inclusion, consistency and hope. Here we will summarize what they learned about each concept.

Believe in each other
Challenges are opportunities
(Gordon & Leavell, 2021)

The players presented their research on belief and came to the conclusions that it is important to believe in each other, believe that their teammates were capable and that they all have the same goal and that challenges are opportunities. When we believe that each challenge is really an opportunity it changes how we view these challenges and how we approach them.

Take responsibility
No excuses
Failure refines, not defines
(Gordon & Leavell, 2021)

Next the

The Four Tendencies

Northern Kentucky University
DNP 803: Book Presentation
September 17, 2023
Joy Oche
Marla Schwarz



Self Starter
Sticks to a schedule
Eager to understand and meet expectations
(Rubin, 2017, p. 39)

Often struggles when plans of schedules change
Can seem humorless and uptight


Good boss, leader, team player
Obligation to meet others?? expectations
Willing to go extra mile
Responds to outer accountability
(Rubin, 2017, pp. 103-104)

Susceptible to burnout
May show the destructive pattern of Obliger-rebellion
May become resentful
Has trouble saying no or imposing limits

Interested in creating systems that are efficient and effective
Willing to play devil??s advocate
Comfortable bucking the system
Unwilling to accept authority without justification
(Rubin, 2017, p. 67)

Can suffer analysis-paralysis
Impatient with what he or she sees as others?? complacency
Crackpot potential
Unable to accept closure on matters that others consider settled if questions



Able to think outside the box
Unswayed by conventional wisdom
Willing to go his or her own way, to social conventions
In touch with his or her authentic desires

(Rubin, 2017, p. 135-136)

Likely to resist when asked or told to do something
Has trouble accomplishing tasks that need to be done consistently, the same way, every time
Acts as though ordinary rules don??t apply
Restless; may find it difficult to settle down in a job, relationship, city
Struggles with routines and planning
May be indifferent to reputation

Applications to Healthcare

Recognize your own tendency for better self-awareness and understanding

Identify others?? tendencies to we can be more tolerant, persuasive, encouraging, and avoid conflict

Set specific options and deadlines

Leadership Concept-
Organization as conversation

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