MDC Humanities Paper


Purpose of this assignment:
To conduct research on the life and works of an artist; also providing a formal analysis of one of his/her works; using the appropriate format used for research papers, including the use of academic journals and an MLA style Bibliography.  
Steps for this assignment:
For your Research Paper, you will need to select an artist (painter or sculptor).It does not have to be an artist that was covered in class, and it can be from any time period.
If the artist is part of a group or artistic movement, please also discuss the movement, however the central focus of your paper should be on the artist.
Include material about the author’s life and his works, as well as providing a cultural and historical context for his or her works and artistic style.
What might have been some of the more significant social forces and significant personal events that may have helped to shape the artist’s works? 
What artistic style does this author’s works fall under? What are some of the characteristics and motifs in his/her works that reflect this style. 
Discuss how the artistic style of similar works during that historical time period may have served to influence your chosen artist’s work (if applicable).Did his work serve to influence other artists during his time and/or have had an impact on future artists?
Do research to see if your artist’s works were influential on creative authors working in other disciplines such as literature and music.

What materials were used and what skills did the artist have that allowed him to create this work?
Also address issues related to artistic inspiration and the inner life of the artist.
Discuss your personal reaction to this particular work.Does this work draw an emotional response from you, and if so, why?
Your Research Paper should be at least 5 pages long, typed double spaced, with standard sized margins, and a 12-point font.
Please be sure to spellcheck, edit and proof your work before turning it in.Academic resources to be used for this paper include academic journals and trusted Internet sources. Since this is a research paper, you must include at least one academic journal in your list of sources.Technology today makes it easy to access a wide range of academic journals online, which may be accessed via the internet and your MDC Library online resources.One easily accessible online resource for finding academic journal articles on your subject matter is, where you can find a wide range of academic journals.  
You must cite your sources, and include an MLA style Bibliography. Please include a separate cover page and a separate page for your Bibliography (these should not count as part of the  5 written pages of your paper).Please see Citing your Sources link in the Main Menu for information on how to cite your sources and how to create your bibliography for this paper. 
Please use the checklist for this assignment before submitting your essay.This checklist will also be used as a rubric (criteria) for grading.
Does having knowledge about the creator of this piece and why he created this work influence how you view the work and your response to it?
Also list some of the works by this artist and then select one piece to discuss more in depth. 
Provide a formal analysis of the work you are examining more in depth by looking at each of the formal elements of art, discussing how these are found in this work.The Formal Elements are the parts used to make a piece of artwork.These elements are often used together, and how they are organized in a piece of art determines what the finished piece will look like.  The Formal Elements of Art are listed below along with a description for each one. 
You can also look at the Power Point lecture  5a.Art.Intro, under Module 5 in the Modules/Lessons link in the Blackboard Menu, under the folder titled Power Point Lessons – Art, for additional material on how to look at art.

Formal Elements of Art:





Line is the path left by a moving point. For example, a pencil or a brush dipped in paint.

It can take many forms, i.e. horizontal, diagonal or curved. It can even start off curved and end up horizontal.
It can be used to show different qualities, i.e. contours, showing the shape and form of something, feelings or expressions – a short, hard line gives a different feeling than a more flowing one (movement).
A shape is an area enclosed by a line. It could be just an outline or it could be shaded in.
Shapes can be either geometric, like a circle, square or triangle, or irregular.
When drawing shapes, you must consider the size and position as well as the shape of the area around it. The shapes created in the spaces between shapes are referred to as negative space.

Form is a three-dimensional shape, such as a cube, sphere or cone.

Sculpture and 3D design are about creating forms.

In 2D artworks, tone and perspective can be used to create an illusion of form.

Tone refers to the lightness or darkness of something. This could be a shade or how dark or light a color appears.

Tone is created by the way light falls on a 3D object. 

The parts of the object on which the light is strongest are called highlights and the darker areas are called shadows. 

There will a range of tones in between the highlights and shadows.

Texture has to do with the surface quality of something, the way something feels or looks like it feels.

There are two types of texture: actual texture and visual texture.

Actual texture really exists, so you can feel it or touch it. You can create actual texture in an artwork by changing the surface, such as sticking different fabrics on to a canvas. Combining different material techniques can create interesting textures.

Visual texture is created using marks to represent actual texture. It gives the illusion of a texture or surface but if you touched it, it would be smooth. You can create visual texture by using different lines, shapes, colors or tones. Think about how different marks can be used to show texture.

Pattern is a design that is created by repeating lines, shapes, tones or colors. 

The design used to create a pattern is often referred to as a motif. 

Motifs can be simple shapes or complex arrangements.

Patterns can be man-made, like a design on fabric, or natural, such as the markings on animal fur.

Color are attributes and perceptions related to the wavelengths of light.
The property possessed by an object producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.
Red, yellow and blue are primary colors, which means they can’t be mixed using other colors. 
Other colors can be mixed from these three colors.
In the visual arts, in particular painting, graphic design, photography and sculpture, composition is the placement or arrangement of visual elements or ingredients in a work of art, as distinct from the subject of a work. 
It can also be thought of as the organization of the elements of art according to the principles of art.
The term composition means “putting together,” and can apply to any work of art, from music to writing to photography, that is arranged or put together using conscious thought.  An example of composition would be pyramidal construction or a pyramidal composition which was used throughout much of Renaissance painting.



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